Uponor / 100‐year Anniversary


Uponor wanted to celebrate its 100 year anniversary in a way that it would be remembered next 100 years.

A will was to create relaxed celebration for the personnel that would look back to the history but the focus would be in present and future.

For stakeholders and clients the aim was to build a high‐level event with focus on Uponor today and tomorrow.


For the personnel event we did a thorough background work by interviewing employees at Uponor. We found out what sort of people we had in the audience and what were their expectations for the event. Based on this knowledge we created an evening that offered interesting and entertaining elements from past to the future. Each element, humor or song in the show had a connection to Uponor. We were able to touch the souls of Uponorians and the athmospere was once in a life time! Celebration took place in an old factory, Werstas in Lahti were Uponor started its journey 100 years ago.

For stakeholders we created The Power of Water Forum with experts and Uponorians on the stage at the famous Finlandia Hall in Helsinki. Forum was moderated by a celebrated Tv host Ella Kanninen, and its topics were selected so that is shared the interest of avecs as well. A custom made dance performance for this event was the highlight of the evening. Choreographer Hanna Brotherus and Sibelius Chamber Choir took the stage with a never seen before elements starting from little violinist playing Water droplets by Jean Sibelius.

Evening continued with a seated dinner which served finnish dishes of the season. The event was high level with a style that was rather whispered than shouted out!

Our Role:
  • Concept design
  • Creative planning
  • Interviewing Uponorians
  • Project Management & Production
  • Venue, structures and decoration
  • On‐site production
  • Safety & Permissions
  • Transportation & Logistics