Fortum / Singalong Shuttle


To create and execute the singalong shuttle promotion, which is based on TBWA’s original concept: An electric taxi, which is completely silent and can only be paid by singing. In other words, a taxi powered by Fortum electricity and the positive energy of the customers.


During the time of one of the biggest summer festivals; Ruis Rock in Turku. We set up a promotional taxi stand with ten promoters and possibility to catch a ride by singing along.

We were also lucky enough to carry pop stars like Alma on the way to their gig, which was one of a lifetime moment for some of her fans.

The campaign managed to get a lot of publicity globally. It was featured in New York Post and in New York Times.

Our Role:
  • Activation plan
  • Project Management & Production
  • Venue, structures and decoration
  • On‐site production
  • Safety & Permissions
  • Transportation & Logistics